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CMTS ministries is dedicated to supplying and equipping missionaries and ministries across the globe. For over two decades, since 1982, Christian Missionary Technical Services has worked behind the scenes to keep missionaries and other ministries operational. Providing vehicles and mechanical support, technical equipment and specialized supplies and services.

CMTS was founded because Andrew Merrick was willing to answer God’s call to provide technical assistance to missionaries and Christian organizations. After spending time on the mission field and prior to that, involved with organizations here in the United States, the Lord had laid this burden upon the hearts of Executive Director, Andrew J. Merrick and his wife Nancy. They have seen missionaries wasting their time with worn-out equipment and the need for better buildings in order to meet the spiritual and physical needs of their people. Having had these burdens laid upon them, they felt led to start this organization to help meet those needs, and also to train people to be aware of those needs. God began building CMTS ministries starting in 1981 in New Jersey. Since then
God has blessed this ministry with a fifty two acre facility in PA.

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