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Who Are the Nemec’s

Our names are Stephen, Caryl, and Ryleigh Nemec. We are missionaries with Christian Missionary Technical Services (CMTS). CMTS is a support ministry located in Pennsylvania. CMTS was started in 1982 by Nancy and Andy Merrick. The ministry has three main focuses: 1)Technical Support, 2) Training and dicsipleship, 3) Incouraging others to get into missions. If you would like more info about CMTS, please visit
We started working for the ministry July of 2009. When Stephen was laid off from his job as a tool maker, because of the economic problems, we saw it as God’s way of showing us it was time for something new. After quite a bit of searching, we were able to learn about CMTS and found it was a fantastic match for our skill sets. Some of Stephen’s jobs have included: small machine shop projects, operating equipment, being equipment mechanic, maintaining and fixing heavy trucks, helping to clean the property, and lots of other little things. Currently his job is the intern shop manager for the auto shop. In all these jobs, Stephen is usually given a couple young guys to work with him as part of CMTS discipleship program.
Caryl has acted as the directors secretary, incharge of producing and distrubuting the ministries quarterly newsletter. She has worked with some of the loaner vehicles. She also is a mom who homeschools thier daughter.In the near future Caryl will be focusing more on promotion, event planning (Open House, Christmas Parties) and public relations.
CMTS owns property not only in PA but also in Mexico and Belize. We have frequently had the opportunity of traveling to Mexico for a couple weeks and Belize for two monthes. While in serving in those locations, we have helped to work on the ministries projects, work with local churches & ministries, bring supplies down with us to distribute to churches & ministries, and building relationships with locals. If anyone reading this has interest in going on one of these trips, please contact us or the ministry.
CMTS is a faith based ministry. What that means is that on every level of the ministries existence, the ministry and staff is funded by churches, family, friends, and even at times total strangers. God prompts people to support the ministry through prayer, vehicle & item donations, and financial gifts. Please feel free to contact us for more info about us or the ministry.