October really ramped up for the Belize trip. A work group of teens from a youth group in the Palmerton, PA area came out early in the month to help. They did a lot of odd jobs but also helped prep items and pack two of the containers going to Belize. This trip is looking to be a fairly large caravan. At the moment we have two tractor trailers, three school buses and a medium-duty dump truck going. The dump truck is being converted from a small V-8 diesel to a larger, more reliable inline six-turbo diesel. CMTS already has a very large tri-axle dump in Belize, but it’s so massive, to haul a couple yards of product is ridiculous. Stephen has been very busy getting all the stuff together to fix all the trucks going and working with the staff and volunteers working on the trucks.

If anyone has household items that they would like to donate for the trip, please contact us. We are looking for dishes, pots, pans, cups, silverware, etc. We can’t send any wooden furniture. Belize has an extensive lumber industry that customs protects by not easily allowing outside wood and wood items into the country. Please pray for wisdom in getting all this stuff together and checked out. Also pray that God provides drivers to get the stuff shipped down.


Dr. Douglas Youboah is a pastor from Ghana who uses CMTS resources on a regular basis. In the past he has sent many shipping containers there for the ministry he helped to start, African Hope. In November he has a container he is packing to send more supplies to Ghana. Car parts are very hard to source there, so he is sending a lot of car parts and drive lines to use for the ministry and sell. By sending extra car parts he can use the profit to pay for the shipping cost of the container and the duty on the needed items. Other missionaries have done this before and in some cases have paid for everything and ended up with some profit. So besides the fleet cars and Belize trip, Stephen has been spending a lot of time helping Douglas get the parts containers ready for shipment.

The building project is still moving slowly. Andy and the board members are still trying to get all the negotiation done between the bank and township. Please pray for God’s help and direction with the township.

In Our Lives

Ryleigh is doing very well in school. She will be starting basketball soon. Please pray for her as she adjusts from homeschooling back to a classroom.

Caryl has started again taking Dean to visits wi


th his mother every other week. Other than that nothing new has developed with his case. Please continue to pray for his mother and all the case workers who work with him.The state and Salvation Army workers have asked us if we are going to continue with the fostering after Dean is adopted. That is a good question, and it’s something that we have been praying about. At the moment with the size house we have, the money we receive every month, and the size of the car we drive daily, it would be impractical. But with that said, if God wants us to continue as foster parents, all the resources will come flooding in when they are needed. Please pray for God to give us clear direction and the resources to help more children, if it’s His will. And peace if it’s not His will.


Please pray for us to get more opportunities to speak at different churches. CMTS needs exposure in the local area. We as a family need the exposure as well. God is doing amazing stuff through us and CMTS as a whole. We want everyone in the area to know what we do.


The Nemecs


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